All we needed was…

“Men Are Back” says Peggy Noonan. If she is right might this be the hidden benefit in all that is happening right now? Many writers have attributed a lot of the current ills in society to a world in which men, especially young under-educated men, have low self-esteem constantly reinforced by the messages they receive. So I join with Ms Noonan in extolling the virtues of the manly men who are putting New York back together. But towards the end of the article she then goes on to imagine John Wayne in Afghanistan swaggering around saying “Yer in a whole lotta trouble now, Osama-boy.”. Shades here I think of the Roman matrons who told their sons to come back with their shield or on it – let’s not let this newly rediscovered manhood be distorted by the proxy war-hunger of yet another female in power….

(with thanks to Dave Winer)

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