[Top Ten Reasons To Witness Your Dad’s Demise][1] (via [Doc Searls][2]) was written by Halley Suitt 48 hours before her father died – as she says “here’s my attempt to see the good in these bad times”. Reading it reminded me of my own father – he died in Jan 2000 – and just for a moment reflect on how in some ways he has been with me more often in my thoughts since he died. Since then I’ve started to notice the traits I have inherited from him, indeed as I grow into my 40’s I seem to become more like the father I remember. Here’s to fathers and sons everywhere. [updated 2002-04-10] By the way this article “[Resolving Grief][3]” by well-known NLP trainer/developer Steve Andreas describes a process that I have found tremendously useful in maintaining a good connection with my father since his death.

[1]: https://halleyscomment.blogspot.com/2002_04_01_halleyscomment_archive.html# 75128804 [2]: https://doc.weblogs.com/ [3]: https://www.nlpco.com/articles/Therapy/Grief.htm

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