More on the evolving network between blogs

Euan at The Obvious sums up his view of the “blogroll or not blogroll” debate as “I just like following winding paths”.

At the same time Ton Zijlstra picks up on various experiments with Social Network Analysis of the blogosphere and draws the important distinction between a map based on “who knows you” – i.e. an analysis of inbound links (and I would say by implication trackbacks and comments) and a map of “who you know” based on outbound links.

This feels time to send a request to the Lazyweb – a graphical web-based tool that takes a URL and presents some kind of graphical depiction of the incoming and outgoing networks it discovers…

Updated Matt Jones writes Bridging The Bubbles about similar ideas applied to finding the bridiging points between clusters of particular political (or other) views… amongst the sites he references is Valdis Krebs’ analysis of booklinks on Amazon Divided we stand? : Political patterns on the WWW

Updated again Just found Reputation and Conversation in Blogging and Network Topology at TIG’s Corner [via Doc Searls]

Update 3 GoogleBrowser looks like it might be part of the way there in terms of the display…. [via Ross Mayfield]

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