Flow, or not

It’s raining so it must be time to start blogging again… 🙂

I’ve been wondering (yet again) about the importance of going with what feels right, the natural flow, and acknowledging your own energy level (or lack of it…)

In the last two weeks I’ve:

  • thoroughly enjoyed a long weekend in Paris (photos to follow when I remember to send off the film – you do remember film don’t you?)

  • had an activity-filled week at home in London with my children

  • two manic days of meetings at work

  • helped a colleague celebrate his 50th in the traditional manner

…yet for some reason this morning, as I sat staring at my PC trying to get back into the flow of writing a document I started three weeks ago I couldn’t understand why my thoughts weren’t coming – just how out-of-touch do you have to be to not realise that you’re tired? 🙂

Fresh air and walking about required!

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