Study notes – “Lean Software Development” Chapter 3

Continuing to work through Lean Software Development by Mary & Tom Poppendieck.

*Chapter 3 – Decide As Late As Possible*

  • Concurrent development – the importance of both knowledge and collaboration.

  • Cost escalation curves for changes – the old “exponential” model for increasing cost of late change really only applies to critical constraints (e.g. major technical architecture decisions)

  • Use “breadth first” approach for the major constraints – for other aspects defer decision as long as possible through iterative development

  • Importance of keeping options open until “last responsible moment”

  • Share information early – don’t wait for it to be “complete”

  • Direct worker-to-worker collaboration

  • Learn how to deal with change

  • Breadth-first decision making works best when business domain is evolving

  • Simple rules allow robust and flexible response to real-world variation


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