Looking backwards: Gratitude

Elizabeth Lane Lawley points to an AP article that refers to this project on the psychological and health benefits of expressing gratitude for the good things in your life.

The idea that there is a relationship between thoughts and health is not a new one in the NLP field. See for example the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health.

What is interesting is to see how scientists are now finding ways within the scientific paradigm to prove the existence of these effects – for example the whole field of PsychoNeuroImmunology.

Coming back to the spirit of Liz’s post, in the extended entry is my own gratitude list…

  • My three incredible children, who are all growing into fine human beings.

  • All the people who love me, in whatever form.

  • My own ability to love.

  • Friends

  • Having a job which stretches my talents and allows me to work with interesting people with strong values.

  • My health.

  • Living in a society that (mostly!) supports plurality, openness and questioning.

  • Being able to appreciate the natural world – especially hills and woods!

  • My intellectual curiousity and the good fortune to have a generalist sort of mind.

  • Books.

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