Looking forwards: Action Research #

Ton points to this free course on Action Research

I’ve looked at the course notes and they’re very impressive. Reading What is Action Research? I realised that an awful lot of what I do in my work loosely follows this model – no two projects are quite alike. Inevitably in a work environment, the focus is always on the “action” part of the cycle – not for the first time I’m thinking that more emphasis on reflection would be useful…

So what might I like to get from studying this course?

  • A theoretical model to put a context around my project-based learning at work

  • Practical tools to help me build in reflective thinking

  • An opportunity to see if I can focus on a topic long enough for anything more than a shallow understanding (!)

  • An opportunity to practice existing skills

Although mindful of Lilia‘s warning about the time involved I have emailed asking to sign up for the full (and still free!) email version of the course in February.

Update: I have set up some wiki pages for my course notes.

Julian Elve
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My interests include technology, personal knowledge management, social change

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