Reflection 2

I mentioned earlier that I was looking at this free course on Action Research.

In one of the background documents Bob Dick describes a number of typical questions that one might ask during an Action Research intervention. Working through these (see QuestionsToGuideReflection) it seems to me that what he is describing is a form of double reflection around action…

Reflection 1 occurs as part of the planning process, and serves to make explicit the mental models being used in the planning process.

Reflection 2 is (perhaps) the more familiar one from the KolbLearningCycle that serves to update mental models as a result of learning from action…

As someone from a pragmatic background rather than an academic training, the attraction I can see in learning Action Research is the greater skill it will give me at reflecting on practice. The nuance of Reflection 1 & 2, I suspect, will take that even further…

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