A Vampire-free zone…

…is not a phrase you would normally associate with a gathering of bloggers but as anyone who has sampled “Garlic and Shots”:https://www.fluidfoundation.com/venueDetails.asp?BarRef=372′ penchant for putting the allium into every item of food and a good sampling of the drinks will know it is not a venue in which the undead would remain comfortable for long.

So, another one of “those blogger meetup things” graced by (amongst others) “Doc”:https://doc.weblogs.com/, “Cory”:https://www.craphound.com/, “Danah”:https://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/, “Suw”:https://chocnvodka.blogware.com/blog, “Matt”:https://matt.blogs.it/, “James”:https://www.imajes.info/, “Tom”:https://www.plasticbag.org/, “Gary”:https://weblog.garyturner.net/index.html, “Tom”:https://www.sparklefluff.com/blatantoptimism/, “Paul”:https://www.paranoidfish.org/ and of course “Euan”:https://www.theobviousblog.net/blog/

We did the usual untramelled conversation thing, – isn’t it amazing how that is now becoming somewhat expected in these meetups rather than the great surprise it was to everyone a while ago!

Gary (of course) was the first to moblog the event , Doc had the best camera, Danah the wildest hat and Suw the best idea (but that’s for her to tell…)

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