Enterprise Architecture

On Monday this week I sent myself on a one day course from “Architecting The Enterprise”:https://www.architecting-the-enterprise.com/ – a management introduction to the “TOGAF”:https://www.opengroup.org/architecture/togaf/ enterprise architecture framework.

Hard going in parts because (by their nature) architecture frameworks are very conceptual – I was struggling a bit on the day to see how this could be applied in the messy real world of work. However over the next couple of days it has gelled with some conversations about work goals for the next year and I’ve started seeing new ways of doing things as a result of having the new concepts.

Still struggling a bit with how to use and adapt, but I think I can see a path…

I’d love to blog the whole process of incorporating the model into my work, adapting it to work for us – unfortunately that would cross my “no public blogging about work” boundary. If I can extract some generalisable concepts though I’ll post them here…

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