Shopping around for DVD rental by post

Renting DVDs by post is all the rage these days.

I’ve been enjoying a free trial from, but as it draws to a close was debating whether to continue as a paying customer. Via Going Underground my attention was drawn to the similar service offered by Sainsbury’s. (Not linking because I don’t want to give either of them Google-juice.) I got part way through signing up for the free trial but was bounced as an existing member – you’ve guessed it, the Sainsbury’s service is operated for them by

Nothing very exciting there you might think, until you compare the prices for similar services. Bear in mind these services are being offered by the same company:

ServiceLovefilm.comSainsbury’s DVD Rental
1 DVD at a time£9.99 / mth£7.97 / mth
2 DVDs at a time£12.99 / mth£11.47 / mth
3 DVDs at a time£14.99 / mth£13.97 / mth
4 DVDs at a time£19.99 / mth£19.99 / mth
Presumably Sainsbury’s buying market share by discounting their part of the revenue?

Update: Found a DVD Rental Service comparison

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