Update on Strategy Reading

Over the summer I’ve been spending more time reading than writing, but even then the reading has been going more slowly than I expected! Just finished [bliki]Thinking Strategically[/bliki] and started to wrap my thoughts around [bliki]Strategy Maps[/bliki].

Unlike the previous books in my strategy reading which have focused on the [bliki]Game Theory[/bliki] approach to strategy, this book is more aligned to the core competence / resource-based view of the firm.

Strategy Maps are a visual way of drawing out the cause-and-effect relationships between the strategic success factors of a company, the internal goals that lead to them, the internal strengths that contribute to those goals and the necessary tangible and intangible infrastructure needed to develop those strengths. The authors bring in their earlier work on the [bliki]Balanced Scorecard[/bliki] by suggesting the map is stratified along the balanced scorecard axes of Financial, Customer, Internal and People/Knowledge factors.

My short-term goal is to look for a way to combine this approach with some elements of [bliki]Enterprise Architecture[/bliki] to create a pragmatic model for building strategic systems development plans.

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