For once, a tale of good customer service

Like Gary Turner, I recently suffered a garage-burglary in which the scumbags helped themselves to a couple of bikes. Luckily though my insurance company works with Wheelies Direct to handle cycle-replacement claims.

The staff at Wheelies have been friendly and helpful all the way from validating the details of the bikes I lost (they know their stuff) through to selecting replacement bikes and dealing swiftly with some transit damage to one of the replacements. It would be worth asking your insurance company who they use to handle such cases.

Going through the saga of reporting the theft and getting the replacements has served as a good wake-up call about actually using them again, and doing something about my appalling fitness level. Unfortunately, also like Gary, I’ve discovered the potential for too long a break from cycling to cause lung-coughing-up symptoms upon resumption of the habit!

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