Another blog

One of the reasons I’ve been quiet in this blog has been that I have started another blog specifically focused on Managing Successful Programmes.

When I set that blog up, I was planning on attending a training course in June on Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), leading (hopefully) to the practitioner certificatation. MSP is the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC) approach to ensuring the success of major change programmes.

I’ve set up the other site as an online learning diary, and a central place for various notes. To support the blog there is also a wiki for more long-form notes.

Unfortunately the course I was attending has been withdrawn for June by the provider. Looks like I shall now go in October. Inevitably my motivation to go through the pre-work has been somewhat reduced, however I shall continue to post over there – I’m finding lots of ways to introduce key elements of the MSP approach into day-to-day work.

This should also mean that I have a little more online time to keep this place up-to-date!

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