It’s all made from paper and glue…

Having surfaced after summer holidays, a trade show visit and various bits of work, I’ve realised that the new October dates for the MSP course are only three weeks away – so time to get back into the pre-work!

With only a couple of loose pages of notes so far, it already looked like I was well on the way to a paper meltdown, so I’ve taken the time to dissect the pre-course exercise book and stick the pages into alternate pages of a wire-bound notebook – thus leaving plenty of white space for my answers and notes about related material.

This might sound very basic, but for me the physical act of putting together a study log has already started to make it feel as if I have the material “at my fingertips” (the power of metaphor!)

MSP Study Book
Proactive application of technology to business

My interests include technology, personal knowledge management, social change