Test of Mindmanager Viewer plugin #

Testing the ActiveX plugin for viewing Mindjet Mindmanager files in browser. This won’t work in Firefox unless the IE Tab add-in is loaded.

If you are using IE and have the viewer installed you should see a map here:

Although I would love to be able to post interactive maps on my blog, I’m really turned off by the ActiveX, IE-only nature of this approach. Yes, there is a workaround available for Firefox, but as that involves embedding an instance of IE in a Firefox tab, it’s no good for people who don’t like to even run IE on their machines. (or who don’t run on Windows)

Perhaps Mindjet should take a hint from the bubbl.us team (see previous post) and use a combination of Ajax and Flash for their viewer?

Thanks to ActivityOwner for pointing out how to use IE Tab with this plugin.

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