Web 2.0: Business in Virtual Worlds, How we got here with Web 2.0 #

I’m at Web 2.0 and Beyond – Applying Social and Collaborative Tools To Business .

Business in Virtual Worlds, How we got here with Web 2.0

Ian Hughes, Metaverse Evangelist IBM

  • What are metaverses and virtual worlds and why are they at a social media conf?
  • And why do IBM care?

It’s all about people… In virtual worlds the visible presence and (e.g.) body language provides strong social signals.

Fundamentally no different from blogs, IM etc – still about people and conversations

About user-created content – just like blogs / wikis / flickr

Real-life sensitivities – e.g. the tribute band U2 in SL… except that U2 and the record company seem to have worked out that this doesn’t hurt the U2 brand.

But online reputation counts… identity is important, but some protection in people recognising imposters through inconsistent behaviour.

Intraverses – virtual worlds inside the firewall

Virtual World Guidelines – treat it as a new country, learn and observe, connect and talk with fellow (insert company name), act with integrity, it’s the internet – beware and be broad-minded…

“Web 2.0 is Web Do”

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