Iceberg – building the first application #

I’m trying out Iceberg, the workflow automation platform.

Having successfuly installed the platform on my laptop I want to start building something. Of course, the two key questions before building any software (assuming the “Why?” in this case) are “What?” and “How?”.

For the “How?”, Iceberg provide a good overview on their support pages, which in essence boils down to:

  • Create the application
  • Create the business objects
  • Create relationships between objects
  • Create forms
  • Create views
  • Add behaviour and workflow
  • Security and permissions
  • Connectivity

For the “What?”, I’m going to build a Project Issue Tracker for use in a Prince2 project environment. I shall start by creating some user stories, linked from this wiki page.

I shall update this post later in the process.

Later… I now have the first two user stories added to the wiki, Capture Project Issues and Examine Project Issues

In the next post I will document the first of these being added to Iceberg

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