Happy (belated) Tenth Birthday

birthday cake

This blog turned ten years old a couple of weeks ago.

Looking back at how I used to blog back then I see that it was mostly comment on current events.

My first post was about a book – How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker. I think I still have that book somewhere, although it may have been one of the many that I parted company with during the course of four house moves since that time. Of course, if I really wanted, I could buy it again, and start reading it within minutes thanks to the wonders of pervasive internet retailing and e-books.

In the intervening years there have been several lean periods, where the only posts have been automated linklogs from delicious – as far as I can see I started doing that in January 2004, so the basics of lifestreaming are pretty old now!

I started on Moveable Type, but migrated to WordPress in May 2004

These days most content here is aggregated from other sources: links I have captured, comments on other blogs, tweets I have made; but I still think there is a place for the personal site, often with blog-like features. The role of a site like this is still, I think, to be a personal hub, reflecting the flow of online engagement, learning and co-creation.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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