The Very Model

A ditty for our times

I love this from @aedwardslevey: 1

I’ve information anecdotal, chemical, and clinical I know the COVID experts, and I quote-tweet fights on aerosols

List BioNTech to Zeneca, in order categorical I’m very well acquainted, too, with matters virological

I understand most models but I’m baffled by the cubical About t-cell immunity I am teeming with a lot o’ news … lot o’ news… with many cheerful facts about the antibodies I’ll produce!

I know the vaccine history from Jenner and the old cowpox I answer diagnostics, I thank all the nurses and the docs

I quote in elegiacs all the CDC analysis And hope we’ll usher in an annus slightly more mirabilis

I can tell adenoviruses from mRNA and spike proteins I have a working map of every single drug store close to me Then I can hit refresh until finally a slot I score … slot I score …

I’ll whistle all the way home ’cause I’m happy that my skin is sore! I’m looking at the r-naught and I hope the trend is fabulous

I know the pseudoscience claims of beings antivaxxulous In short, in matters anecdotal, chemical, and clinical I am the very model of Moderna-made injectables

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