Expanding Digger to work with Hypothes.is

From web annotations to local notes

Expanded my Digger small-tech tool to now extract basic annotations from Hypothes.is into local Markdown notes.

This note is mostly for myself - Digger is built for a userbase of 1 - you are welcome to fork and copy it, but I am not proposing to support it.

About eighteen months ago I released a small tool to pull annotations from Diigo into local Markdown notes.

With version 0.5.0 (released yesterday) there is now also a basic capability to pull annotations from Hypothes.is.

To upgrade:

  • get an API key for your Hypothes.is account
  • create an environment variable HYPOTHESIS__APITOKEN on your machine to hold this value
  • update the tool
    dotnet tool update -g digger

To pull annotations for a specific page, use the command:

digger hypothesis -o <relative path to desired output directory> -u <url of source page>
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