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Government briefings

I’ve pretty much stopped watching the official briefings, between shouting at the politicians and urging the journalists to be more probing they aren’t good for my peace of mind. Far better to read a considered report in a reputable source later. Alistair Campbell nails it with his 20 phrases that should be banished from Covid-19 briefings: We’re leaving no stone unturned. (Show don’t tell) We’re working round the clock.

Christmas Lights

Some evenings our route home takes us past a house in North London that always has a good show of lights at this time of year. This year they have surpassed themselves with a scrolling seasonal greeting: Some will look down their noses at such an overt display - it’s a long way from the subdued decorations in neighbourhoods such as Mayfair, Beacon Hill or the Upper East Side - but I find these things always give a small boost of positive feeling on a dark and wet evening!