Work Notes #

This section of the site is for quick notes, usually to quickly capture the details of something I have found useful at work.

The original motivation was to experiment with what the Government Digital Service call Make things Open: it makes things better.

The main benefit to me of splitting this from the main blog area is that it helps kill writer’s block :-)

Querying Application Insights using an Interactive Notebook

Using .Net interactive in a Jupyter notebook to query application logs

Exploring Interactive Notebooks

Learning to use interactive notebooks

Zotero to Markdown Notes

A workflow to integrate Zotero and your notes

Wordpress Log to Seq

Throwing an idea to the lazyweb

D365 UK User Group April 2021

D365 / Power Platform user group was held online, here are brief notes on my experience of the day

D365 User Group December 2020

D365 user group was held online, here are brief notes on my experience of the day

The Agility Gap

Some quick notes on “The Strategic Agility Gap” by David Woods1 Summary The growth of new technologies and new levels of has led to new organisational capabilities. With these new capabilities has come greater levels of complexity and inter-dependence, which in turn lead to unpredicted and unpredictable areas of brittleness / lack of resilience. Combine these factors with an increasingly complex world and there can be unpredicted failures and outages. Examples include the impact of ransomware such as Wannacry.

Antora Local Authoring

Writing content for your Antora site In the note about publishing I described how the final published site gets built. However in reality you will want to preview your work locally before you push to the published site. Antora supports an author mode of working where it builds a site based on local clone(s) of the content project(s) (as opposed to fetching a specified branch or tag from the published repository/repositories at build time.

Antora Publishing

Approaches for publishing Antora projects to websites on Netlify and Azure

Antora Basics

Setting up a basic Antora process