Work Notes #

This section of the site is for quick notes, usually to quickly capture the details of something I have found useful at work.

The original motivation was to experiment with what the Government Digital Service call Make things Open: it makes things better.

The main benefit to me of splitting this from the main blog area is that it helps kill writer’s block :-)

WeekNote 2020 W13

In terms of work this was the first full week of distributed working. I spent a fair bit of time coaching colleagues on how to work more effectively using Teams. I think one of the hardest things for people who are first exposed to the messaging side of the application is to learn a more considered approach when posting in a channel. The difference between a new post and a comment seems very hard for some people to pick up, and I think the app could do more to signal to people that channel chat and messaging chat behave differently.

WeekNote 2020 W12

The lessons from abandoning focus time reporting, and adapting to life under Corona

Move a Wiki

Moving wiki to a new server

FedWiki Install on 64 bit Ubuntu

Setting up smallest federated wiki on a new server

WeekNote 2020 W07

Kaizen Compared to the previous week, the reverse trend - higher working hours but lower total focus hours and focus percentage. PomoDoneAnalysis week 2020-W07 Looking at the year to date the change from the previous week is striking. Ratio of focus time to working time, 2020 weeks 1-7 I’m clear about the root cause. As I mentioned last week, we had an all-day, all-staff meeting on Wednesday.

WeekNote 2020 W06

An increase in focus hours at the same time as a reduction in total hours

WeekNote 2020 W05

A slight increase in focus time from last week, but still notably below start of the month.

Weeknote 2020 W04

Some Kaizen learning from a week with very different numbers

WeekNote 2020 W03

Week ending 17/01/2020

WeekNote 2020-W02

First week instrumenting work with PomoDoneApp