Steve Wheeler

Added Steve Wheeler to my feed sources

Added a new person to my feed-reader - Dr Steve Wheeler from University of Plymouth who blogs over here.

From a couple of recent posts:

Contrasting how teachers approach instructional technology depending on whether they lean towards an Instructionist or Constructionist approach (referencing a presentation by Graham Brown Martin):

difference between teachers’ attitudes to technology depending on whether they subscribe to pedagogy that privileges the transmission of knowledge by experts to novices through instruction, against those who espouse knowledge as something that can be constructed by the learner through negotiation, practice, social interaction and reflection. […] the way technology can be deployed is influenced by teacher beliefs, and its success or failure can be influenced by the manner of its deployment […]

And in Schools and Online Education

Some schools have begun to experiment, and a few are well down the road to adopting and using online education as a viable supplement, or even replacement for face to face teaching. We now need to think about learning environments rather than simply ‘classrooms’. We now need to consider that geographical distance need no longer be a separator between teachers and students - the distances can be bridged by appropriate use of technology.

Proactive application of technology to business

My interests include technology, personal knowledge management, social change