Weeknote 2020 W04

Some Kaizen learning from a week with very different numbers


A huge drop in tracked focused work to compared to the previous work, in the context of fewer hours “at the coalface” - “only” 45 this week. Focus to non-focus ratio of 67% which is also a drop.

PomoDoneAnalysis week 2020-W04
PomoDoneAnalysis week 2020-W04

Main causes:

  • a lot of meetings related to co-ordination (as opposed to decision-making or co-construction)
  • time spent generating co-ordination material for those meetings
  • lower energy levels due to a niggling health issue

Possible improvement ideas:

  • push more co-ordination meetings to async formats
  • keep a better log of “working time” in order to track changes in the focus/non-focus ratio
  • keep a log of factors relating to energy level, ability to concentrate etc

Another thought is around classification of time - conversations which are about building and sustaining professional relationships should probably be classified as focused work. But don’t want to get into circular argument about “what is waste”.

Other highlights

  • delivered proof of concept of our “delayed response” architecture - next steps are to work with sales and marketing colleagues to pin down where we want to first put into use
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