WeekNote 2020 W07

The impact on focus of an all-day staff meeting mid-week


Compared to the previous week, the reverse trend - higher working hours but lower total focus hours and focus percentage.

PomoDoneAnalysis week 2020-W07
PomoDoneAnalysis week 2020-W07

Looking at the year to date the change from the previous week is striking.

Ratio of focus time to working time, 2020 weeks 1-7
Ratio of focus time to working time, 2020 weeks 1-7

I’m clear about the root cause. As I mentioned last week, we had an all-day, all-staff meeting on Wednesday. Not only did this take up almost all the day, but I found it really broke my flow in the middle of the week. On Thursday and Friday it was much harder to focus on anything requiring deep thought.


  • Extending our automation of contact data deletion to the company website, removing a manual compliance task.
  • reviewing re-certification readiness for a security accreditation with colleague who is doing the detailed work
  • writing a briefing for colleagues on how we might start podcasting
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