WeekNote 2020 W15


Work-wise we’ve been settling in keeping engagement with members through digital channels.

We’ve seen quite an increase in traffic in email forums, and weekly live updates on the education environment are proving popular.

In this context everyone gets more hands-on, and I’ve been juggling maintenance tasks (such as SSL renewals) whilst supporting colleagues to develop an approach for sync & async delivery of CPD seminars.

Although MS Teams is a superb tool for in-business collaboration (including external partners) my current view is that the guest sign-up process has too many routes through it - we’re not convinced that we can clearly explain to customers how to get to the material.

Our current working model is a pre-existing instance of Moodle integrated with Zoom. The Moodle is integrated with the same customer identity service we use for our member website and Discourse forums, so we know how to steer people through it and the sorts of issues they might find.

Very much “work in progress”.

More widely, this was the week that the PM was admitted to ICU with Covid-19. Predictably most briefings and some media coverage has now fallen to the level almost of hagiography.

Serious media are starting to ask probing questions about the lack of testing, the apparent abandonment of care homes, and the emerging sense in the data that the negative impact of Coronavirus is disproportionately felt by the poor (which also means it is disproportionately affecting BAME people).

And finally…

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