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This section of the site is for quick notes, usually to quickly capture the details of something I have found useful at work.

The original motivation was to experiment with what the Government Digital Service call Make things Open: it makes things better.

The main benefit to me of splitting this from the main blog area is that it helps kill writer’s block :-)

Removing malicious content from WordPress posts

Sometimes malware will corrupt the database, inserting malicious script tags. Here’s the quick removal approach if you have access to your database directly: <br /> UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE ( post_content, 'BAD SCRIPT TAG', '' );<br />

Interesting uses of Linux “find” command

Find all files for given user and change ownership sudo find . -user OLDUSER -exec chown NEWUSER:NEWGROUP “{}” \; Find all files with given permissions find -perm mode

Week Note: w/e 10/02/2017

fortnightly business review reviewing linked sources to Stop blaming the tools when Collaboration fails working with a team member on date culture issues in Azure Webjobs working with HR on recruitment for a senior role in my team improve our integration code that posts web form data to service bus for downstream integrations blog post “The machines may eat your job, but that might not be a bad thing – are any politicians acknowledging this?

Account based Marketing and Dynamics CRM

Some useful notes and links here from Steve Mordue , CEO of ForceWorks on Account-Based Marketing, and ways to adapt the native behaviour of Dynamics 365 to support it. Beyond his suggestions I think the following are key in terms of building and information base about your target accounts: acquire as much contextual information about accounts as possible, via both automated and human sources whilst acquiring as much data as possible about individual customer interactions on touchpoints, put significant effort into linking those individuals to an account when customising the touchpoint experiecne for an individual, take into consideration their account context, including other recognised individuals  

Dynamics CRM entity status weirdness

Background Since upgrade of CRM Online to 8.2, we have noticed some strange issues around workflow triggers that are supposed to be fired by the change of a record status. We have a workflow associated with the Invoice entity that is set to trigger on change of record status:Workflow trigger settings The workflow is responsible for setting up various bits of data when we issue an invoice, then flagging to an external integration that the invoice is ready to send to Finance.

AutoFac and factory interfaces

It’s different from Windsor – just working out exactly how

WorkNotes 2016-02-11 15:24:52

Getting back on the blog wagon

WorkNotes 2016-02-02 09:27:22

Now playing with Federated Wiki here

A weirdness with xunit

Today was rebuilding a solution that had been updated to xunit2, and kept getting random test failures, usually with some kind of conflict with Rhino Mocks. The fix seemed to be to turn off the parallel testing. A little googling turned up this which suggests Rhino Mocks does indeed have a problem in a multi-threaded test environment

Finding out about Content Security Policy

Had some issues when adding custom fonts to IdentityServer – which is when I found in the docs that by default it implements Content Security Policy Also found some issues with trying to override the builtin Bootstrap with the CDN version… Found this useful reference on CSP and This resource looks useful too – CSP Playground