From WordPress to Hugo

That was it.

Yet another WordPress malware attack on my personal site that managed to place an adware script in every single post.

Took half a day to cleanup.

Time to take seriously the idea of a static site generator.

Details in the posts linked below…

Proactive application of technology to business

My interests include technology, personal knowledge management, social change


Hugo hosting and deployment

Part 5 of Moving from WordPress to Hugo

Cleaning up content for Hugo version of site

Part 4 of Moving from WordPress to Hugo

Exporting content from WordPress for Hugo

Part 3 of Moving from WordPress to Hugo

Setting up Hugo locally and choosing a theme

Part 2 of Moving from WordPress to Hugo

Why Hugo?

Part 1 of Moving from WordPress to Hugo


Posting to Hugo from Drafts
Drafts is a genuinely useful text creation tool for iOS devices. With the Pro version you can extend the tool with custom actions, either from the community, or written yourself (Javascript). Collecting / writing / adapting useful scripts for working with this blog from my phone here. To complete the setup, I recommend the Working Copy git client. #
Deploying a Hugo project to both Netlify and Github Pages
Configuring a Hugo project so it can deploy to both Netlify and GitHub Pages #