Stumbled upon Not a Designer, could usefully review some of these posts. UPDATE - RSS feed is here (via Scott Hanselman)) #
Blogging review 2023
A few thoughts about why my online writing tailed off from mid-year, and what I might change. #
We have an integration between Dataverse and a third party system that runs in Azure Functions. Third party have now acknowledged that in certain race conditions their system can create two entries duplicated on what should be a unique key. Just deployed what I hope is a fix to our code that uses blob lease distributed locking via the madelson/DistributedLock library… #
Displaying Likert Scale data, same data, displayed 7 different ways - Some useful ideas for today’s little challenge… #
Only just found out that if you set an Excel cell format to Text, it displays formulae as a literal without evaluation. How long did I chase around that issue yesterday? 😠 #
Note to self - when my single-person Mastodon instance stops serving avatars, check the SSL cert on the media subdomain… #
Migrated my Digital garden from Gatsby to Eleventy, using a modified fork of the excellent rothsandro/eleventy-notes #
Walkthroughs in the Windows Terminal Repository - This seems like a useful technique to help code contributors without code maintainers having to commit time they haven’t got to designing the implementation of a feature. #
Doc Searls is talking about the essential requirement for a society of any size to have deep news, wide news and a news commons. #
Reply to Ton Zijlstra 'The Enshittification of LinkedIn As DSA Takes Effect'
Same old, same old I never post my updates on there, that’s what this site and my Mastodon feed are for. If I really thought there was any value in it I would post links ‘over there’ to selected posts ‘over here’. When it first started, the idea of tracking your own professional network, and seeing “who knew whom” was something of a winner, but the inevitable swamping in “social” features, adverts, algorithmically-driven content and posts written by marketing people has made it pretty much useless, a source of irritating noise. #