Summer's Lease
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date #
Change DNS settings on Mac - For when you don’t have a Mac but your other half does… #
Writing better API documentation: a few lessons from enterprise integration - Some good practical hints here about making your API more usable through the way you document it. #
Rewriting a Git repo to remove secrets from the history - One of those problems that comes up so infrequently it’s good to see an explanation from someone whose skills I trust. #
Working with this Hugo site in GitHub Codespaces
Development Containers work well with WSL2 and GitHub Codespaces, found problems from Windows #
TIL - Adjusting Json.NET settings in Azure Durable Functions
Passing objects from a third-party library between functions required a deep-dive into the internals. #
How can I specify a branch/tag when adding a Git submodule? - I always have to look up the finer points of git submodules, this covers most of them in one place. #
Exploring Initial Teacher Training data with Datasette
Learning some core features of Datasette, using a small but interesting set of data from the DfE #
Sign our open letter on the future of AI | BCS - It’s not earth-shattering, but I’m happy to support my professional body on this. AI open letter to UK Government and Industry AI is not an existential threat to humanity; it will be a transformative force for good if we get critical decisions about its development and use right. The UK can help lead the way in setting professional and technical standards in AI roles, supported by a robust code of conduct, international collaboration and fully resourced regulation. #
TIL - using Channels in dotnet
Using System.Threading.Channels to build async console tools. #