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Filtering Information by Social Distance

Building on earlier experiments in organising information sources based on degree of social connection.

Blogwalk IV – developing the work

Suw Charman's done a great job of capturing the 11 core themes from the Blogwalk 'Window Wiki'. As people reflect on the event there is discussion about how to best develop the ideas from this session and how to ensure better learning next time.

BlogWalk IV : IntraBliki

The theme of Blogwalk IV was the use of social software inside the firewall. We noted that there were certain technological barriers to be overcome before the tools were sufficiently invisible to support a wide acceptance of corporate blogging / wiki etc.

Blogwalk IV

Yesterday was Blogwalk IV – a very enjoyable and mind-stretching day talking with other bloggers on the theme of “How will the world of work change as a result of social software use inside the firewall”. Thanks to the excellent “light touch” facilitation from Lilia Efimova and Johnnie Moore we covered a range of topics technical, cultural, managerial, commercial and more… (there will be more posts over the next few days as I and others get on with our agreed actions!