‘Enough is enough’: The SEND funding crisis laid bare - SEND schools squeezed between legal minimums of staff provision based on student needs, poor funding decisions by local and national government, unfunded pay rises and general inflation… #
Teacher Labour Market in England – Annual Report 2022 - In summary: significant risk remains of failure to hit targets in many subjects, pay continues to fall in real terms, system capacity to mentor traineees is struggling HT #
Khan extends free meals, but could leave schools £39m short - In short, based on City Hall figures, the subsidy would be £2.54/meal, whereas the cost to schools is £3.30/meal as estimated by the NEU. HT #
Reply to ChatGPT marks end of homework at Alleyn’s School - Via Tony Parkin I see that Alleyn's (a fancy private school with a fancy price) has taken the bold, but probably sensible step, of ceasing the use of written essays as homework on the basis that the students can easily use a tool like ChatGPT to turn them in. Instead they require the students to do research in preparation for dialogue and assessment in the classroom. How may years will it take the bodies that ‘oversee’ state education in the UK to allow forward-looking Headteachers to do the same thing? #
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