Move a Wiki
Moving wiki to a new server #
FedWiki Install on 64 bit Ubuntu
Setting up smallest federated wiki on a new server #
Running Federated Wiki locally as Windows Service
Smallest Federated Wiki is the brainchild of Ward Cunningham - the “Father of Wiki” Although the main feature is the ability to fork content from other wikis, and to allow other wiki users to fork your content, many people also want to run a local copy as a private notebook or commonplace book. The most stable distribution of wiki is written in node, so will run anywhere that node will. It’s really useful to have wiki run continuously, so in this approach we use node-windows to install wiki as a windows service. #
Tools updates
I realised that I wasn’t going to have the time to both write my own theme that I liked and update the site content, and the ugliness of the part-built theme was putting me off using the site – so I’ve grabbed the new Twenty Seventeen theme, and will run with that… Notwithstanding what I wrote about Breaking the Ubiquity of Stream Mode I pretty much gave up on Smallest Federated Wiki when I realised that Yahoo! #
Breaking the ubiquity of Stream Mode
A blog post by Luis Suarez has served nicely as a catalyst to start crystallizing some thoughts from the last couple of weeks. Discomfort I’ve become increasingly aware of tensions I feel when I think about how I manage my personal sense-making. In hindsight the seeds were sown when taking Harold Jarche’s PKM in 40 days course. During that study I realised that although I “talk the talk” around PKM, mostly what I do is the “Seek” part of Seek-Sense-Share, with sharing only at the level of filtering a set of public bookmarks. #
Federated Wiki
Started playing with Federated Wiki over here I’ll update this post with some conclusions when I have them…. #
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Now playing with Federated Wiki here #