Reply to A RSS Feed For My Mastodon Bookmarks - An excellent idea from Ton! Adapting it for my own context I can see two possible options - either pull the bookmarks from Mastodon into bookmark entries on this blog, or post to Diigo as new bookmarks. Probably the latter as I am fairly liberal in what I bookmark on Mastodon. #
Discover the IndieWeb, one blog post at a time. - A great way to find new voices and a bit of mind-stimulation… #
Reply to How to write about blogs - It’s struck me how we are seeing a renaissance of explaining blogs to people who never saw them before - a good sign but still slightly amusing to those who were around the first time. This post from Frank Meeuwsen is a good example of cutting through the hype that appeared “somewhere in the middle” and getting back to the basics. #
Migrated my Digital garden from Gatsby to Eleventy, using a modified fork of the excellent rothsandro/eleventy-notes #
Reply to Chris Aldrich 'FeedReaderFriday: A Suggestion for Changing our Social Media Patterns'
I never stopped reading stuff in a feedreader, but I like the #feedreaderfriday meme! #
Reply to reproducible HTTP 502 error in OAuth /oauth/authorize · mastodon/mastodon - Found this when trying to set up syndication via to my Mastodon account. For me solution was to increase proxy buffers in Nginx as per #
Have created a plain-text version of the feed for notes and bookmarks to see if that cross-posts better into places like Masto. #
Joined the Fediverse
I’ve set up a Fediverse account on a private instance of Mastodon. Here’s why. #
Will this post to twitter? Will replies come back as webmentions? #indieweb #
So far I have webmentions going in and out to/from my site, so at least for other people in the indieweb world that’s a direct peer-to-peer mechanism to “converse between sites”. I’ve been toying with the idea of POSSE, and that might be the most obvious use for a account, so for the time being have set up at Biggest reservation is that I am not sure how much I want to cross-post at all - I do this for an audience of one! #