Migrated my Digital garden from Gatsby to Eleventy, using a modified fork of the excellent rothsandro/eleventy-notes #
Reply to Chris Aldrich 'FeedReaderFriday: A Suggestion for Changing our Social Media Patterns'
I never stopped reading stuff in a feedreader, but I like the #feedreaderfriday meme! #
Reply to reproducible HTTP 502 error in OAuth /oauth/authorize · mastodon/mastodon - Found this when trying to set up syndication via to my Mastodon account. For me solution was to increase proxy buffers in Nginx as per #
Have created a plain-text version of the feed for notes and bookmarks to see if that cross-posts better into places like Masto. #
Joined the Fediverse
I’ve set up a Fediverse account on a private instance of Mastodon. Here’s why. #
Will this post to twitter? Will replies come back as webmentions? #indieweb #
So far I have webmentions going in and out to/from my site, so at least for other people in the indieweb world that’s a direct peer-to-peer mechanism to “converse between sites”. I’ve been toying with the idea of POSSE, and that might be the most obvious use for a account, so for the time being have set up at Biggest reservation is that I am not sure how much I want to cross-post at all - I do this for an audience of one! #
Reply to Ton Zijlstra 'Julian’s Nudge To Explore API'
Ton expresses his concerns about annotations in any online tool (the example is being potentially risky, if nothing else as a consumer of learning time that isn’t well integrated with his other notes: The type of interaction and annotation I have/do with a source text I normally do locally. Unless it can be a PESOS (Post Elsewhere Syndicate to Own Site) flow, exchanging that current value of processing things locally for merely the potential for interaction and conversation is likely a bad trade-off for my learning. #
GitHub - benjifs/micropub: Serverless Micropub and media endpoints to publish to static site - this looks like a pretty complete solution - should be able to adapt this to integrate micropub endpoints into this site #
My serverless, headless, Micropub-powered, personal website - Lots of ideas here, and a great example of how, in return for committing to the services from a specific cloud vendor, you can build some really smart application architecture. #