Life in the time of Corona #

WeekNote 2020 W15


A look at Covid-19 Data Journalism - part 1

The data journalists are telling the truth our politicians are ignoring

Government briefings

I’ve pretty much stopped watching the official briefings, between shouting at the politicians and urging the journalists to be more probing they aren’t good for my peace of mind. Far better to read a considered report in a reputable source later. Alistair Campbell nails it with his 20 phrases that should be banished from Covid-19 briefings: We’re leaving no stone unturned. (Show don’t tell) We’re working round the clock.

WeekNote 2020 W13

In terms of work this was the first full week of distributed working. I spent a fair bit of time coaching colleagues on how to work more effectively using Teams. I think one of the hardest things for people who are first exposed to the messaging side of the application is to learn a more considered approach when posting in a channel. The difference between a new post and a comment seems very hard for some people to pick up, and I think the app could do more to signal to people that channel chat and messaging chat behave differently.

WeekNote 2020 W12

The lessons from abandoning focus time reporting, and adapting to life under Corona