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Notes on CRM Audio 97 - Microsoft Flow with Merwan Hade from Microsoft

Quick notes jotted down while listening to this podcast originally published 26/09/2018. Podcast guest Merwan Hade, at that time Senior Program Manager for MS Flow (now Director of Product Management at Salesforce). Q: Flows inside Dynamics 365 solutions - why? Solution as a way of packaging dependencies and moving between environments. Parameterised solutions - e.g. have a generic flow that can be parameterised in different environments Q: How will connectors be handled when deploying solutions across environments?

Fixing Data With Flow

If you work in any way with systems or data, you will know the situation, where some records have ended up with missing or wrong values. This is particularly irritating when to fix the problem means pulling data from more than one place in order to set things right. As we have fully adopted Office 365 at work, Microsoft Flow is rapidly becoming my favourite tool for basic low-volume data manipulation.