Next steps for Personal Knowledge Mastery
A summary of my experience with the Personal Knowledge Mastery course from, and my next steps #
How I narrate my work
Documenting my current process for narrating my own and my team’s work, and directions I might develop it. #
A heuristic for choosing people to follow on Mastodon
An experimental guide to make the Mastodon timeline both rewarding and useful #
Finding 'connectors' in Mastodon
Exploring the behaviour of people who act as ‘connectors’, steered by, with some tools by #
Meetings may be part of the work, but that's not enough
To improve knowledge work is right about meetings, but what about communities and networks? More evidence is needed. #
Finding the real work that meetings are good at
How can meetings better support collective learning? #
A McLuhan Tetrad about GitHub CoPilot
I experiment with analysing the potential effects of CoPilot using a McLuhan tetrad #