Weeknote 2024 W11-12
Complex processes, a chat with @elsua and some rewarding viewing, listening and reading #
HIST1900 @Carleton U Winter 2023 with Shawn Graham - The History of the Internet - Dr Shawn Graham ( ) runs a course on the history of the internet that takes, in his words, an “archaeological” approach to its subject. Visible from outside the course, and the thing that caught my interest, is his Connectivist approach with Students using Obsidian and Github to maintain notes, and publishing at least part of their work using a pre-configured MkDocs and Github Pages setup with a template repository. #
Blogging review 2023
A few thoughts about why my online writing tailed off from mid-year, and what I might change. #
Next steps for Personal Knowledge Mastery
A summary of my experience with the Personal Knowledge Mastery course from, and my next steps #
How I narrate my work
Documenting my current process for narrating my own and my team’s work, and directions I might develop it. #
A heuristic for choosing people to follow on Mastodon
An experimental guide to make the Mastodon timeline both rewarding and useful #
Finding 'connectors' in Mastodon
Exploring the behaviour of people who act as ‘connectors’, steered by, with some tools by #
Meetings may be part of the work, but that's not enough
To improve knowledge work is right about meetings, but what about communities and networks? More evidence is needed. #
Finding the real work that meetings are good at
How can meetings better support collective learning? #
A McLuhan Tetrad about GitHub CoPilot
I experiment with analysing the potential effects of CoPilot using a McLuhan tetrad #