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Can Kaizen be part of Standard Work – notes and observations

Joe Dager (@business901) has posted a video interview with Dr. Michael Balle, the Gemba Coach at the Lean Enterprise Institute about Kaizen Teams without Kaizen Events, or Can Kaizen be part of Standard Work? [slideshare id=8394746&doc=kaizenpartofstdwork-110623020735-phpapp01-video] Summary Balle makes some key points: Standard work is about routine v non-routine, prescribed v non-prescribed Standards are not the same as saying everything the same for everyone everywhere Standards = a scientific process

Kanban team weekly Review and Retrospective

Image via Wikipedia  I’m coaching a cross-functional team working across IT operations, application support and development, using Kanban to manage everything larger than the most immediate support requests. They already appreciate the importance of reviewing their work and process, so we’ve been trying to make this into Standard Work. Our first attempt is the 30 Minute Review and Retrospective Review (max 10 minutes total) Look at every story completed this week, for each (so ~1 min per story):