Learning Tools 2022
Updating the list of my favourite tools for learning, and noting what has changed since 2019. #
[idea] Convert HTML to markdown
Initial use case - easily grab Kindle notes and post to markdown blog read clipboard convert HTML to MD output md file or paste to clipboard #
[idea] Export Fed Wiki to static archive
A tool to create a static archive from a Federated Wiki instance or farm. pass base url(s) as parameter iterate over wikis Retrieve site map iterate pages retrieve page json convert to HTML save as file Update Consider this or this for possible retrieval shortcut and insight to json data structure #
Fixing Data With Flow
If you work in any way with systems or data, you will know the situation, where some records have ended up with missing or wrong values. This is particularly irritating when to fix the problem means pulling data from more than one place in order to set things right. As we have fully adopted Office 365 at work, Microsoft Flow is rapidly becoming my favourite tool for basic low-volume data manipulation. #
Fixing Data With Flow
Top 10 tools For learning 2019
Every year Jane Hart runs a survey of learning tools Here’s my entry for 2019: Drafts Incredibly versatile tool for creating and re-purposing text on iOS devices. Custom actions written in JavaScript allow me to push, pull and manipulate text pretty much as I need. A core part of my personal / professional learning. This post created in Drafts. Hugo Earlier this year I migrated my blog from WordPress to Hugo and I’m extremely happy with the result. #
Posting to Hugo from Drafts
Drafts is a genuinely useful text creation tool for iOS devices. With the Pro version you can extend the tool with custom actions, either from the community, or written yourself (Javascript). Collecting / writing / adapting useful scripts for working with this blog from my phone here. To complete the setup, I recommend the Working Copy git client. #