How Value is Created in a Zettelkasten (and Any System of Knowledge Work) • Zettelkasten Method - A hierarchy of value-producing activities in while processing knowledge in a Digital Garden, Zettelkasten or pretty much any other way of constructing and learning from notes: Reading Collecting quotes Creating excerpts Creating Atomic Notes Creating Connection Creating Tools and Products And concrete steps to improve value: Identify the structures you want to build within your system. What would be a resource for your future self? Be deliberate and avoid all vagueness. #
Reinventing My Note Making Practice
Summarising my current practice in using notes to enable both work and learning #
New Tools for Note Making
Toolset for desktop and mobile note-making #
New Tools for Note Making
Note-Making, the starting point
A baseline of my historic note-making practices #
Note-Making Goals
Why do I make notes? What do I want to change? What are my goals for this process? #
Note-Making Practice
Documenting changes to my tools and practice #
Note-Making Practice
How to Take Smart Notes
My Kindle notes #
Evergreen Notes
An approach to note-taking that seems to have deep parallels with Federated Wiki #