Back to basics

A blog redesign, and a metaphor for 2014… I decided a while ago that my blog theme had become just too complicated – over the years I had added more and more “good ideas” until the page was utterly swamped in widgets. So I’m trying to get back to basics with a stripped down theme. Perhaps it will stimulate me to write a bit more? The complete lack of posts in 2013, and almost complete lack in 2012, are a reflection of what was going on in my professional life.

Happy (belated) Tenth Birthday

This blog turned ten years old a couple of weeks ago. Looking back at how I used to blog back then I see that it was mostly comment on current events. My first post was about a book – How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker. I think I still have that book somewhere, although it may have been one of the many that I parted company with during the course of four house moves since that time.