Some Knowledge Management posts

[All via Steven Vore]

Jon Udell on Quick and Dirty Topic Mapping

“The essence of this strategy is to work bottom-up, rather than top-down. I don’t start with a predefined set of topics. Rather, I allow them to emerge from the material as I work my way through it. I don’t try to create a topic hierarchy. Having wrestled with questions such as whether XML should be a subcategory of Web Development, or vice versa, I’ve concluded that this way lies madness.”

Peter Morville’s Social Network Analysis:

“How do knowledge workers learn? How do they decide what to learn next? What motivates them to share?”

And from Steven himself

Last week I mentioned the importance of good “metrics” when managing Knowledge Workers. This week that came home to roost, as I had to provide input for yearly performance reviews on individuals, managers, and groups…

(and yes I know some of these are from back in Jan / Feb, but I’m just trying out a new aggregator and they all showed up!)

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