Current and Recent Positions


Director of Information Services

SSAT the schools teachers and students network

Jun 2012 – Present London

Responsibilities include:

  • Application development
  • Technology support
  • Brand and Marketing
  • Finance management

Board member

Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association

Sep 2011 – Nov 2019 London
As a non-executive Member of the association I served on the Board, setting the strategic direction of the Association, approving budgets and treasury provision, monitoring performance and ensuring adherence to standards.

Recent Posts

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Government briefings

I’ve pretty much stopped watching the official briefings, between shouting at the politicians and urging the journalists to be more probing they aren’t good for my peace of mind. Far better to read a considered report in a reputable source later. Alistair Campbell nails it with his 20 phrases that should be banished from Covid-19 briefings: We’re leaving no stone unturned. (Show don’t tell) We’re working round the clock.


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Migrating from WordPress to Hugo

That was it. Yet another WordPress malware attack on my personal site that managed to place an adware script in every single post. Took half a day to cleanup. Time to take seriously the idea of a static site generator. Details in the posts linked below…