Note-Making Practice #

Most of us take notes as some part of our life, either personal or professional.

Over the summer and autumn of 2020 I have been reviewing my note-taking practices (and the technology that supports them) with the goal of reducing friction and giving myself a framework for higher-order learning.

This project note serves both documentation, by providing a place to structure how I plan to write about my experiments, and later reflection, by providing a central point to index the relevant notes.

The areas I want to cover are:

  • my note-making goals
  • the starting point
  • new tools for note-making
  • reinventing my note-making practice
  • where next
Julian Elve
Proactive application of technology to business

My interests include technology, personal knowledge management, social change


Note-Making, the starting point

A baseline of my historic note-making practices

Note-Making Goals

Why do I make notes? What do I want to change? What are my goals for this process?