Note-Making, the starting point

A baseline of my historic note-making practices

Note-Making Goals

Why do I make notes? What do I want to change? What are my goals for this process?

Note-Making Practice

Documenting changes to my tools and practice

Wakelet and MS Teams

Overview of using Wakelet curation tool inside MS Teams

Weekend 'Gardens'

The Garden metaphor is becoming embedded

How to Take Smart Notes

My Kindle notes

Evergreen Notes

An approach to note-taking that seems to have deep parallels with Federated Wiki

Sense-making in multiple dimensions

Taking a connectivist approach to learning straddles multiple dimensions of interaction

Knowledge - Seek Over Share?

To stimulate the flow of knowledge, first stimulate demand.

Two speeds of sense-making

Sense-making isn't a single practice, rather a collection of practices that meet different needs