Migrated my Digital garden from Gatsby to Eleventy, using a modified fork of the excellent rothsandro/eleventy-notes #
Next steps for Personal Knowledge Mastery
A summary of my experience with the Personal Knowledge Mastery course from, and my next steps #
A McLuhan Tetrad about GitHub CoPilot
I experiment with analysing the potential effects of CoPilot using a McLuhan tetrad #
Created a Won't Read This List - I like this idea from that extends beyond the anti-library as another way to manage future attention… #
The Purpose of my Blog – - Used to enjoy reading Michelle Ockers on social learning, so good to see her feed light up again after a few years of silence! #100DaysToOffload 15/100 #
How Value is Created in a Zettelkasten (and Any System of Knowledge Work) • Zettelkasten Method - A hierarchy of value-producing activities in while processing knowledge in a Digital Garden, Zettelkasten or pretty much any other way of constructing and learning from notes: Reading Collecting quotes Creating excerpts Creating Atomic Notes Creating Connection Creating Tools and Products And concrete steps to improve value: Identify the structures you want to build within your system. What would be a resource for your future self? Be deliberate and avoid all vagueness. #
Learning Tools 2022
Updating the list of my favourite tools for learning, and noting what has changed since 2019. #
Revisiting 'The Power of Context'
Has anything really changed for networked learning? #
Digging out Diigo notes
Digger is a command-line tool to extract annotations from web-based services into local Markdown notes #
Digging out Diigo notes
For two years now I’ve read all my previous posts - Ton finds his habit of revisiting “on this day” posts and his mature note-making habit have some interesting synergies: This morning I was reading a blogpost from a few years ago, and immediately two things stood out as concepts. They were just mentioned passingly in the blogpost, but this time they seemed more meaningful than their place in the original text suggested. Off I went down a little rabbithole, writing both notions up and connecting them to the current things that make them stand out to me now, and incorporating other references. #