Expanding Digger to work with
Expanded my Digger small-tech tool to now extract basic annotations from into local Markdown notes. #
Expanding Digger to work with
Blogging review 2023
A few thoughts about why my online writing tailed off from mid-year, and what I might change. #
Migrated my Digital garden from Gatsby to Eleventy, using a modified fork of the excellent rothsandro/eleventy-notes #
Next steps for Personal Knowledge Mastery
A summary of my experience with the Personal Knowledge Mastery course from, and my next steps #
A McLuhan Tetrad about GitHub CoPilot
I experiment with analysing the potential effects of CoPilot using a McLuhan tetrad #
Created a Won't Read This List - I like this idea from that extends beyond the anti-library as another way to manage future attention… #
The Purpose of my Blog – - Used to enjoy reading Michelle Ockers on social learning, so good to see her feed light up again after a few years of silence! #100DaysToOffload 15/100 #
How Value is Created in a Zettelkasten (and Any System of Knowledge Work) • Zettelkasten Method - A hierarchy of value-producing activities in while processing knowledge in a Digital Garden, Zettelkasten or pretty much any other way of constructing and learning from notes: Reading Collecting quotes Creating excerpts Creating Atomic Notes Creating Connection Creating Tools and Products And concrete steps to improve value: Identify the structures you want to build within your system. What would be a resource for your future self? Be deliberate and avoid all vagueness. #
Learning Tools 2022
Updating the list of my favourite tools for learning, and noting what has changed since 2019. #
Revisiting 'The Power of Context'
Has anything really changed for networked learning? #