Goodbye Z80

Goodbye Z80

Which microprocessor gang were you in?

Expanding Digger to work with

Expanding Digger to work with

Expanded my Digger small-tech tool to now extract basic annotations from into local Markdown notes.

Blogging review 2023

A few thoughts about why my online writing tailed off from mid-year, and what I might change.

Reply to Ton Zijlstra ‘The Enshittification of LinkedIn As DSA Takes Effect’

Same old, same old I never post my updates on there, that’s what this site and my Mastodon feed are for. If I really thought there was any value in it I would post links ‘over there’ to selected posts ‘over here’. When it first started, the idea of tracking your own professional network, and seeing “who knew whom” was something of a winner, but the inevitable swamping in “social” features, adverts, algorithmically-driven content and posts written by marketing people has made it pretty much useless, a source of irritating noise.

Summer’s Lease

And summer’s lease hath all too short a date

We’re doomed - or are we?

Yet another brief and partial attempt to make sense of the current AI debate

This is what happens

Get back in the writing saddle somehow…

Next steps for Personal Knowledge Mastery

A summary of my experience with the Personal Knowledge Mastery course from, and my next steps

How I narrate my work

Documenting my current process for narrating my own and my team’s work, and directions I might develop it.

A heuristic for choosing people to follow on Mastodon

An experimental guide to make the Mastodon timeline both rewarding and useful