Minds and stuff…

One of the things that’s been keeping me away from blogging over the last few months is taking some trainings in, and reading about, Neuro Semantics. More detail on Neuro-Semantics another time, but for now I’ll describe it as an extension to the NLP model of human perception.

L. Michael Hall, the thinker behind the new work has recently published a new book “The Matrix Model”. In this he extends the basic Meta-States model of “Thoughts & Feelings about Thoughts & Feelings about..” and extends it in terms of a number of directions. Critically he says… “These processes operate as a holarchy rather than a hierarchy. Made out of holons (parts in wholes and wholes in parts), a holarchy is dynamic, moving fluid and operates with a simultaneity that makes the whole process difficult to picture” In this model meaning is an emergent property from the systemic interactions of the mind. Recently Hall has extended his models to start looking at cultural artefacts, considering culture as a emergent shared meaning emergent from many minds. (influenced by Searle The Construction of Social Reality

And this is where the serendipity comes in, because The Obvious? is considering ideas about how knowledge is created prompted by reading Stacey’s Complex Responsive Processes in Organisations “knowledge exists and is created in the ongoing relationships between individuals and society”

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