Creativity for Logical Thinkers

Participated in a training session today with this title with a coach from The Mind Gym.

Covered three main tools:

# Outrageous Opposites

# The Idea Beam

# The Morphological Matrix

*Outrageous Opposites*

  • Agree objective

  • Brainstorm solutions

  • What are the “outrageous opposites” to these?

  • Evaluate

*The Idea Beam*

_A very practical application of chunking up and down logical levels_

  • Choose an objective

  • Brainstorm ideas – classify on the fly as Broad Ideas, Specific Ideas, Actions

  • Use questioning to explore up, down, sideways

*The Morphological Matrix*

  • Agree objective

  • Brainstorm attributes of the solution

  • Select best attributes

  • Brainstorm options for each attribute

  • Select combinations across attributes

  • Evaluate

*Recommended Reading*

  • The Right Brain Manager

  • Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind

  • Six Thinking Hats

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