Creativity Riff

Just getting around to reviewing my notes from another workshop with a coach from The Mind Gym, this time called “Unleash Your Creativity” (see also Creativity for Logical Thinkers)

Workshop outline:

  • Beliefs about Creativity
    • What is creativity?
    • Why is it important?
  • Preferred style
    • Innovators
    • Connectors
    • Enhancers
  • Pattern Breaking
    • barriers – circumstances
    • barriers – beliefs
    • barriers – environment
  • Techniques
    • Brainstorming / Brainwriting
    • Collective Build
    • Random Picture / Word
    • Creative Break
  • 8 Rules for success
    1. Believe you can be creative
    2. Be clear about objective
    3. Don’t evaluate until the creative part of the session is over
    4. Persevere
    5. Create an environment that enhances creativity
    6. Use creative techniques
    7. Make sure you evaluate at the end of the session
    8. Take creative breaks

Whilst I was absorbing and reflecting on that I noticed that a few people in my blogosphere have also been paying attention to the subject of creativity.

One of the most prolific is Dina Mehta who has been collecting lots of links to creativity discussions and creativity tools for some time.

Also this week I see Gary Murphy is pointing to this that suggests creative people have brains that are more open to incoming stimuli from the environment. This shows up as low values of latent inhibition, a property that is shared with certain forms of mental illness.

So maybe the old saying “you need to be a little mad to be creative” has some truth in it after all… 🙂

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